Found in Cidhna Mines

My dearest Camilla, 
I fear this may be the last time I see your cheerful glamour. While investigating a murder in Markarth, I have found myself imprisoned in its mines, and I cannot use my gift to foresee my way out of this one. The prisoners all tell me I’m trapped, and the ghastly orc in the main chamber tells me I am “so soft” and so “tender”.
My first few days here, I tried to dream of your bare skin against mine to keep my spirits up. I thought of your soft touch and your ecstatic cries, rocking myself to sleep to the memories of your crooning. Alas, it was short-lived, as the fear of my own safety has overburdened my mind. Also, the others could hear the rhythmic pulses of my bedtime ritual, and they told me to silence myself.
Still, the terror is very real – very threatening. “The new meat,” Borkul says over and over in my mind’s eye. “So soft. Tender.”
I cannot block the image from my mind, the paralyzing fear of what orcs do to fine men of my caliber. While I may have only encountered a few among my travels across Skyrim, I have heard sinister tales. The orcs are a dark lot, cursed to be plunderers and pirates of the rear admiral. Male or female, it matters not. They trek the wilds in search only of booty, the more muscular the crevasse, the more the urge to thrust their swords becomes.
It’s genetic, I heard. Something to do with breeding and their species. I also heard word that long ago, the orcs sprung about from the bestial relations between dark elf and boar. I may have read that somewhere, but the title of such literature escapes me.
Either way, I sleep warily at night now. I lie on my back and cover my mouth, so as not to leave any orifice open to the fierce attack of Borkul. Like the rest of his wretched, devolved species, he’s a tricky lot, and I will not be a victim of his squat thrust raiding parties.
Should I fail in my escape from this place, or should I fall victim to Borkul, I want you to know, my love, that you meant the world to me. Come Oblivion or brutal penetration, you were the needle that sewed the fabrics of this realm together for me.
I miss you dearly,
Cornelius G. Thundercock
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